K.T. Sutherland, Ph.D.

Applied Legal Psychologist & Quantitative Research Scientist

Hi. I’m Kelly, and I’m hoping you’re here because you want to improve the criminal legal system together. I’m a research scientist with a knack for data discovery and a special interest in pretrial sentencing reform. I’m happiest when I’m elbow deep in R-code, speaking directly with criminal legal system actors who have the power to influence real-world change, or translating my research into actionable policy items. It’s nice to meet you. Now let’s get to work.

K.T. Sutherland, Ph.D.

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K.T. Sutherland, Ph.D.

Recent work:

  • Henderson, K., Sutherland, K.T., & Wilford, M. (2023). Reject the offer: The asymmetric impact of defense attorneys' plea recommendations. Criminal Justice and Behavior. Full text here. Statistical lead; all analyses in R. This project has open data and code.

  • Freeman, K.T. & Sutherland, K. (2022). Advancing Equity in the Administration of Justice through Inclusive Communications and Person-Centered Language. National Center for State Courts. Full text here. Co-written during my time at NCSC.

  • Wilford, M., Zimmerman, D., Yan, S., & Sutherland, K.T. (2021). Innocence in the shadow of the COVID-19: Plea decision making during a pandemic. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. Full text here. Contributed to the methodological design of this research study and the legal simulation software used within; managed data collection efforts on Prolific Academic; joined/cleaned datasets for analysis using Python and R.

  • Wilford, M., Sutherland, K.T., Gonzales, J., & Rabinovich, M. (2021). Guilt status influences plea outcomes beyond the shadow-of-the-trial in an interactive simulation of legal procedures. Law and Human Behavior. Full text here. Contributed conceptually to the computer simulation described in this publication, programmed research in Qualtrics, managed data collection efforts on Prolific Academic, etc.